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Extreme Big Brake kits to suit most Makes and Models of 4x4.
The best solution for maximum braking performance.
Towing, Offroad, Increased GVM, Bigger Wheels and Tyres there's every reason why you should go with an Extreme brake upgrade from Rugged Brake Systems


Class Leading
6 Piston Stopping

2 piece Lightweight Aircraft Grade aluminium calipers built with every intention on bringing you safely to a Stop!
Everything to expect from a high performance brake caliper.
The stainless spring steel pad abutments keep pad noise to a minimum and good pedal feel.
Hard anodized Alloy Pistons for max heat dissipation and to prevent scoring, custom sized to every make and model (not one size fits all) fitted with secondary internal dust rings to keep out debris
Our roller or z- brace is engineered for quick and easy pad replacement, no removal of caliper is necessary!

Secondary internal dust / dirt seals to prevent contamination of brake fluid and scoring of pistons Shop

Unique 2 Piece Rotor design

Rotors are one of the most important components in any braking system. At Rugged, we've employed a design concept that's similar to most high performance super cars! But here's where we're different... Our 2 Unique 2 piece design has some features specifically designed for use in harsh 4x4 enviroments.
Aircraft-grade aluminium black anodized rotor hats with zinc coated hardware for increased rust resistance, large 3 dimensional slots to the leading edge to remove dirt from the pad, caliper and rotor. Industry leading zinc coated rotor for further rust resistance and RBS vein technology for maximised cooling!


Rugged Brake Systems formulated brake pads

Working with leading Australian Brake pad manufacturers and Real-world testing, Rugged Brake Systems have formulated the perfect pad-to-rotor combination.
Our industry knowledge and listening to the 4x4 community revealed what was most important to them..... More Bite, More Feel, Less Fade, Easy install and Low noise. Our formula is able to tackle these requirements... meaning, we have the best formula on the market... FULL STOP!


Australian Made for
Australian Conditions

Australian made, certified quality, tested and proven in extreme environments. Only the best materials go into our products to ensure safety and customer satisfaction. All Extreme Kits are covered by our 12 month 20,000km Warranty*
* donotes: we recommend installation by Rugged Brake System authorised dealers